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About Halacha Sources

The Halacha Sources project is designed around two main objectives:

  1. To re-organize Halacha material around the rulings of the Shulchan Aruch (with Rema), the tracing of the Beis Yosef (and the Darkei Moshe and the Gra), and the finishing touches of the Mishnah Berurah (and some "supplementary" authorities).
  2. To present it all in English, clearly and understandably; but with as little "original interpretation" as possible, to enable studying as though from the source.

The above should have clarified how this project intends to provide a more satisfactory tool for the study of this material. However, that does not truly express the deeper purpose of the project, which is to provide a new framework for serious Torah study. For generations, the almost exclusively Hebrew-Aramaic Torah texts were studied by all educated Jews, and they found in them depth, profundity, and challenge, and practicality. Today, many wish to participate in this most beautiful of pursuits, but feel unready - or even unable - to overcome the language barrier. They see before them as the only attainable option - English Judaica. Most of the available works lack the above-mentioned qualities of satisfying Torah study, for many people, and this project was conceived to fill that lack.

We hope to compile more volumes (and to print them), probably beginning with the Halachos of Shabbos (and specifically, the Halachos of Friday "day" and "Friday night" first) and Purim. Anyone interested in participating in the project, actively or through dedications etc., please click the "Contact" link, or just contact me by e-mailing feedback@learnhalacha.com (or otherwise).

Contents of
Halacha Sources
The Halachos of Chanukah

Orach Chayim, 670
Things that are Assur or Muttar on the Days of Chanukah

Orach Chayim, 671
The Basic System of Chanukah Candles (and their location)

Orach Chayim, 672
The Lighting Time for the Chanukah Candles

Orach Chayim, 673
Oils and Wicks that are Valid for Chanukah

Orach Chayim, 674
When is it Muttar to Light One Candle From Another?

Orach Chayim, 675
The Lighting Makes the Mitzvah (not the setting in place)

Orach Chayim, 676
The Order of the Brachos and the Lighting

Orach Chayim, 677
The Halachos of a "Guest" concerning Chanukah Candles

Orach Chayim, 678
Precedence of Shabbos Candles over Chanukah Candles

Orach Chayim, 679
Chanukah Candle-lighting on the Eve of the Shabbos

Orach Chayim, 680
Placing Candles Close to the Entrance (the night of Shabbos)

Orach Chayim, 681
Using Chanukah Candles for Havdalah (and the Order)

Orach Chayim, 682
The Halachos of Al HaNissim on Chanukah

Orach Chayim, 683
Hallel is Completed on all Eight Days of Chanukah

Orach Chayim, 684
The Order of the Torah Reading on Chanukah